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We had bees for a time and basically my husband learned everything he knew from helping out/working with a few local people doing bee rescue. It was a great way to get hands on experience and it made the whole thing a lot less intimidating to have someone to call with questions. Beyond that we found it to be pretty simple (though living in socal we don't have a lot of the concerns about winter, etc) and once we had the basic hands on experience books were a good way to expand knowledge/reference. Also we only ever had wild bees he rescued or swarms he caught so I am not sure if that had anything to do with their hardiness (as opposed to purchased bees).


How do you get your raw milk delivered?

Tracy Alverson

Meg - thanks! I actually spoke with someone at the farmers market, and got my fingers on some local classes I may take...and yes the reading (which is the best way to do anything, teach yourself amiright?)

Leah - Uddermilk! You "apply" and if they deliver to your area you're good to go (and I'm sure they do, they deliver to most of NJ..) they also have raw cheeses, butter, meats, eggs and a plethora of yummy things and beauty stuff and household goodies. It's cash-only delivery and they are super sweet, accommodating people.

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